Tips for Sightseeing


Why Is Research Important?

Whether it be a road trip, backpacking adventure or a spontaneous afternoon filler, it is imperative to research the sights you intend to see. Research is the foundation to avoid being caught short whilst out visiting sights. Whether that be through tours or through travel, a good thought out trip will be the first building blocks for you to have a good time when out visiting sights.

Research with TotalSights

Research is made easy with TotalSights, we aim to display all the useful information one would need when researching a Sight to go and see. Our user interaction features, leaving comments and reviews are aimed to help people research from other people’s thoughts from attending the sights.


Why Is Planning Important?

After research is done, the next step is planning your sightseeing trip. With all things researched it should not be too difficult to plan. From the research, you have acquired you should be able to select the best travel, time etc. The planning all comes down to your needs and what is best to meet them. Planning is important to have a good time and not waste your time.

Plan with TotalSights

TotalSights being for the sightseeing community make planning a little simpler and easy for everyone. This is because we try to provide the best information on the sights. We also have user interaction enabled, this allows the sightseeing community to leave their reviews/comments in which we hope can be useful for other sightseers to research and plan their trip to a sight.

When There


When attending the sight, take your time and take it in. Respect the sight, its rules and the rules of the nation in which the sight exists. But most of all enjoy your time visiting each sight and enjoy making memories.


Some sights around the world have rules for visitors, it is important to follow them. These rules could be rules made by the sight owners or could be under the rules of a religion or a nation or even a safety officer depending on the sight. It is important to research and understand the rules and not to violate them out of respect and courtesy. If you follow the rules, you should have an enjoyable and safe experience at the sights.


Tour Operators

As well as independent travel and viewing of sights, some sights are visited by tour operators or accessed through onsite tour operators. If using these tour operators we would recommend that you vet who you are booking with, look them up and look to see if people have used them before. Also look for their legal responsibilities to check that they are genuine.

TotalSights & Tours

The sightseeing community may have left useful comments/reviews through our user interactions systems that give guidance on tour operators. Currently, we do not have links to tour operators or a review system or booking system in place. The reviews system of tour operators is something we endeavour to have in use through TotalSights in the not too distant future.