Warsaw Uprising Museum

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General Information

The Warsaw Uprising Museum is situated in the Polish capital city, Warsaw. The museum is dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising which took place in 1944, the uprising was a military operation to liberate Warsaw from German occupation during World War Two. The museum's institution was established in 1983, but the home of the museum wasn't finished and opened until 2004 which marked the 60th anniversary of the uprising. The museum has many exhibitions over its floors, the museum's aim is to portray what life was like at the time. Over the years the museum has gained many artefacts that are now on display, such as love letters, weapons and other equipment. The museum has a cinema that shows footage from the time on a loop. The museum has a sponsored research group that works to improve knowledge of the time and to display that knowledge.

Getting there

The museum is situated in the city so transport options are aplenty, it is not a distant walk from the main sights such as the Royal Castle but if walking is not your thing then a bus journey is advised.

Opening Times and Admission

The museum is open to the public, except on Tuesdays when it is closed. Admission is 20PLN for adults and discounted tickets are 16PLN. Sunday is free admission for everyone. Guides are available for around 100PLN.

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Posted: 13 Jun 2019, 11:34



A museum you should visit


This is a museum well worth the visit and what i would consider as a must. The museum is dedicated to the uprising which is a key event in the city's past and shaped the city for the future and how it is today.

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