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General Information

South Stack is a very small island situated off the coast of Anglesey, Wales. The island is known for its spectacular lighthouse, which has a height of 41 metres and was built in 1809 to warn ships of the dangerous rocks below. The island has a total area of 7 acres. The island was only accessible by boat until 1828 when an iron bridge was built, that bridge was replaced in 1997 with an aluminium bridge. To get to the bridge you first have to descend down the cliff using some 400 steps. These steps make for picturesque views of the small Welsh island.

Getting there

The South Stack is situated just off the Holy Island, a local bus service runs from the town centre at Holyrood to the South Stack area. If travelling by car, there are a couple of car parks close to the South Stack that are designated for visitors to use.

Opening Times and Admission

You can visit the island at any time although it is normally only safe to do so during daylight hours. The lighthouse on the island is open daily 10am-4pm except for Fridays when it opens later at 1 pm. There is a small admission fee to enter the lighthouse.

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Posted: 29 Jul 2019, 12:27



What a view!!


Honestly, the steps down to this stack are breathtaking. Picturesque, beautiful. A great spot on the welsh coast and a must visit in my opinion. We didnt enter the lighthouse as we didnt think we needed to with the views on the way down.

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