Mount Vesuvius

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General Information

Mount Vesuvius is a supervolcano that is situated in Campania, near Napoli, Italy. It is known for its eruption in 79 AD that destroyed the Roman cities of Pompei, Herculaneum, Oplontis and Stabiae; more than 1000 people lost their lives due to the eruption. Mount Vesuvius has a peak height of 1,281 metres, it consists of a large cone partially encircled by the steep rim of a summit caldera caused by the collapse of an earlier and originally much bigger structure. This volcano has erupted many times since 79 AD and is thought to be one of the most dangerous in Europe because 3 million people live close by and 600,000 live in the danger zone of the volcano.

Getting there

The supervolcano is situated about 5 miles east of Naples. The simplest way to get to the volcano is by taxi.

Opening Times and Admission

Mount Vesuvius is seen as a national park, people are free to visit it at any hour of any day. There are hiking trails at and around the volcano that people can explore. Views over Napoli can be found at Mount Vesuvius.

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  • Mount Vesuvius, 80044 Ottaviano NA, Italy
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