Kraków Cloth Hall

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General Information

The Kraków Cloth Hall is the centrepiece building of the Main Market Square in Krakow, Poland, it houses a trading area and a museum. The building was once the centre of world trade with merchants travelling from all over the world to strike deals on goods at the hall. The hall has stood in some form since the 1300s, the current Renaissance building is a product of 19th-century restoration. The restoration was led by architect Tomasz Prylinski. Today, the lower floor of the Krakow Cloth Hall is still used for trade and is considered the world's oldest shopping mall. The upper floor houses a museum, the Sukiennice Museum which is a division of the National Museum. The museum holds the largest current exhibit of Polish Sculpture and Painting. The cloth hall is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Getting there

The Cloth Hall is situated at the centre of Main Market Square, which is within a walking distance from most other locations in the city such as the train station, if walking is not for you, then a taxi might be a better option.

Opening Times and Admission

The building is open to visitors six days of the week, Tuesday to Sunday 10am-6pm.

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  • Rynek Główny 1-3, 30-001 Kraków, Poland
  • Multipurpose Complex
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Posted: 4 Nov 2019, 15:36



Focal point of the city's square


Cool building and example of local architecture that is situated right in the middle of the city's square. It is a place where you can experience trade with the many shops in the trade hall. The national museum on the buildings upper floor is also well worth a visit.

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