Kraków Barbican

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General Information

The Krakow Barbican is a late 15th century fortified outpost situated in Krakow, Poland. Once connected to the city walls, the Barbican was used to protect a historic gateway into Krakow and it is one of the remaining parts of the many fortified structures and defensive barriers that once protected the royal city of Krakow. Built to a Gothic style, the Barbican is topped by seven turrets and includes 130 defensive slots once used by archers and riflemen. It is one of a few barbicans still standing around the world. The Barbican stands tall, providing an overview for defending army's; its walls were built three metres thick which proved impenetrable and make it a fine example of medieval military engineering. Today the Barbican is used for events and as a museum to give people an insight into the city walls and defensive structures. 

Getting there

The Barbican is on the northern perimeter of the city's old town and it is within a walkable distance from most other locations in the city such as the train station, if walking is not for you, then a taxi might be a better option.

Opening Times and Admission

The museum of the Krakow Barbican is only open from April to October operating from 10.30am-6pm Monday to Sunday. Tickets cost 8PLN for the museum. If visiting in the winter you can still walk around the Barbican which is open throughout the year, just the museum is not open for exploring more of the Barbican's history.

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