Glasgow Cathedral

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General Information

Glasgow Cathedral is situated in central Glasgow. The cathedral currently is a gathering of the Church of Scotland but was previously Roman Catholic. The cathedral was built in the 12th century. The cathedral is sometimes locally referred to as Saint Mungo, as it is thought that the Saint of Glasgow, Saint Mungo built his church on the same location and the tomb of the saint is kept in the lower crypt. The cathedral was the home of the archbishop of Glasgow but has not been for a long time, so could technically be considered as not a cathedral. The cathedral is built with Scottish gothic architecture.

Getting there

The cathedral is located very close to the city centre and is accessible by public transport.

Opening Times and Admission

The cathedral is a popular sight for tourists to see when visiting Glasgow. Admission to the Cathedral is free, but a donation is welcomed. Guided tours are available when visiting the cathedral but it is thought that it is best to arrange a tour before visiting, especially if visiting in a large group.

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Posted: 8 May 2021, 13:07



Unique roof


This cathedral has a very unique roof. The people who work at the cathedral are very welcoming and helpful on questions.

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