5 must see sights in London, England

Posted: 22 Apr 2019, 14:34 by TotalsAdmin20, Updated: 16 Mar 2021, 12:12

London is the capital city of England and the home of British royalty and the British Parliament, it is a heavily diverse and multicultural place with plenty to see and do. London is an ever growing place but many of its main sights have existed for centuries. Here are our five must-see sights in London… 

Tower Bridge
Stretched over the Thames River in the centre of London is Tower Bridge, not to be confused with its neighbour London Bridge. Tower Bridge is pretty iconic, with its two towers and its roadway that lifts to allow boats to pass. The bridge is over 120 years old and is photogenic with it appearing in the backdrop of many tourist photos. The bridge is free to cross, you can also enter the towers of the bridge for a fee.

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Buckingham Palace
A place that is rich with British Royalty and seen as the home of the Queen. The palace is heavily guarded and you can only generally visit from behind the guarded gates but that is enough for many. The palace is well kept and has a feel of importance.

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Westminster Abbey
One of the grandest religious places in the UK and the place of choice for many royal religious ceremonies. The Abbey was most recently beamed to the world as the venue of the wedding ceremony of the British Prince, William. The Gothic facade of the abbey is striking with two dominant towers to the front of the abbey. Its interior is also impressive and can be seen on a tour. Tours run daily at the abbey and will set you back £22.

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Palace of Westminster
The home of the British Parliament and where many laws are created that not only affect Britain but also affect the world. The palace is a stunning building that stretches along a part of one of the banks of the River Thames. You can only enter the palace if you have relevant authorisation. It is best viewed for free from Westminster Bridge.

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British Museum
One of the UK’s best museums and arguably the best museum in London. The British Museum has an extensive collection relating to human history that is displayed in one of the city's best structures. Its collection covers human history, art and culture. It is completely free to visit this British gem.

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