5 must see sights in Berlin, Germany

Posted: 21 Jun 2019, 13:45 by TotalsAdmin20, Updated: 16 Mar 2021, 12:10

Berlin, Germany’s capital that dates to the 13th century is a place filled with interesting sights. It is a city that has had a bit of a turbulent history with a couple of wars, traces of the wars are still visible in the city today through many popular sights. Berlin is currently a place to thrive, it is known for its arts scene. Here are our five must see sights when in Berlin…

Reichstag Building
The building of the German government from the late 19th century up until 1933 and from 1999 to the present day. The building today is mainly a rebuild due to the original building being heavily damaged during World War II. The building is a key part of history due to the laws made there and the debates held there that have helped shape the world. It is also an impressive example of German architecture topped by an intriguing glass dome. You can visit parts of the building but only if you’ve booked in advance.

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Berlin Cathedral
500 years in the making. An architectural gem that is amongst some of the most impressive religious buildings in the world from an architectural point of view. The cathedral has actually never actually been officially considered as a cathedral as it has never been the seat of a bishop. It is one of the most popular places of worship in Berlin. It is open to tour daily for 7 euros.

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Brandenburg Gate
A German Landmark. An impressive monument that was built in the 18th century as a gateway to the road that stretched from Berlin to Brandenburg. The gate is also known for later being part of the Berlin Wall that separated East and West Germany. It is now seen as a gateway for European Peace. The impressive Neoclassical monument is well worth the visit and you can visit for free as its situated in a public area.

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Berlin Wall Memorial
A place to learn and remember Berlin’s not so distant past. The memorial is dedicated to people that died at the wall and the division the wall caused in Berlin and further afield. As well as the memorial there is also a visitors centre where you can learn about the history and effects of the wall. Admission is free. 

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East Side Gallery
Iconic street art. Seen as a National Memorial for freedom with politically inspired art painted onto the east side of the Berlin Wall. There are over 100 different paintings on the wall with over 100 artists from various countries contributing. The gallery, which is open air stretches for 1.4km. Some notable paintings are Birgit Kinders Trabant breaking through the wall and Dmitri Vrubel’s ‘Fraternal Kiss. You can visit the wall for free, it is situated in a public area.

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