About TotalSights


Who We Are

TotalSights aims to be the go-to place for the sightseeing community. We aim to build a database of the sights of the world with all the necessary information for people, not only to learn about the sight but for people who plan to visit them. We endeavour to make this the place for sightseers to reference on their travels whether they're going sightseeing for the day or off on a backpacking adventure around the world.

We encourage interaction between the sightseeing communities and hope that by doing so we can improve people’s experiences when on their sightseeing trips. We encourage this through our sightseeing comments/reviews section. We have also given users of the website the ability to share their own photos of their time viewing the sights, we hope this will give others reference and ideas.

Why TotalSights?

Why Us?

TotalSights is strictly dedicated to sightseeing. TotalSights is a sightseeing community which only stores information on the sights itself. We believe by doing this we make it easier for our users who just want to plan a sightseeing adventure or to even learn about sights they may intend to go and see or have heard about.

We aim to be clear with the information that is provided by us and hope that by enabling user interaction we give people a chance to help others. The user interaction will allow people to comment and review the sights they’ve been to and give information that they’ve gathered and pass it on to others.